Summer Prints

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Olga Khazova
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11 students

Summer Prints

This course has been created by one of the most talented European nail artists, Elena Nosovets and taught by Canadian PRO Educator Olga Khazova. It is exclusively presented here for all our English speaking students.

By purchasing this course you receive access to it for 3 months. To receive a certificate you must send us all your completed work. 

Products we will use in this course:

  • Gel Polishes. Dusty pastel colors, bright neon colors, green shades, black and white
  • Black and white One Stroke gel paint or gel paste
  • No-wipe Top Coat, Tackless Top Coat
  • Brushes – Roubloff 00, 0, thin brush brush 1cm long or less
  • Display tips

We’re going to learn and practice so many gorgeous summer designs as illustrated on the pictures below…

*Please note that upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate from Elena Nosovets and Olga Khazova without the right of teaching. Educators may also take this course. Conditions apply. Please contact us for more info.

  • To receive a certificate at the end of this course, please make sure to send your work after each lesson to Olga’s Viber contact +1 403-594-1074

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$84.00 $73.50